Virtual Wardrobe Refresh


Do you:
1. Feel like you don't have the time to shop for new things in your wardrobe?
2. Look at your closet full of clothes every morning and think 'I have nothing to wear!'
3. Want to learn how to make more outfits out of fewer pieces?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, the wardrobe refresh is perfect for you! 

With this, I will become your virtual personal shopper, curating a capsule of sorts for you to shop and order from, including:

1 Dress
2 Tops
1 Pants/ Shorts (depending on season)
1 Skirt
2 Shoes
3 Accessories

You can pick & choose from the items- you can have me shop for all 10 or we can shave it down.


We'll connect via Zoom or email for a style consultation where you'll tell me exactly what you want & the budget you're in, and I'll also take down your size.

I will then shop around the web and make a shop-able ShopStyle widget of your virtual closet for you to shop. If for any reason you aren't satisfied with something I've picked for you, you can always tell me and I will find something to your liking.

Along with your items, I will give some styling tips on how to create outfits from them, and once you buy + receive the items, you will also have one month of free access to any questions you might still have for me.

PRICE: 20.00

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