I'm so glad you're here. I'm Kaeleen, (K-lean) a fashion enthusiast blogging out of Fort Worth, Texas. I am certified in fashion merchandising and currently work as a high school receptionist. When I'm not there, I'm working tirelessly to bring the best content to See Kae Style, sourcing inspiration and keeping up with the latest trends.

I first started See Kae Style as a beauty blog in college that quickly became neglected. A couple years later, I came back determined, taking myspace-style mirror shots of my outfits on my little phone that could. (I still have those posts up to remind me where I came from)  

Now, as your virtual stylist, SKS is all about helping you become your OWN stylist, all on a millennial budget. It's the place I share my favorite outfits, expert styling tips, inspirations, and (sometimes) bad jokes.

About The Girl:
Texas born & raised, I love the countryside but have a heart for the city. I'm a true cancer sun- (with Ariana Grande as a birthday twin) emotional, sentimental, the big sister friend, & is basically always crying. I'm an enneagram type 2- The Helper. I was a psych major for a hot second, then moved to my first true love- fashion. I love all things beautiful & I try to make my entire life a shade of blush pink. (metaphorically, of course, but also a bit aesthetically) I thrive during Christmastime & the summer- my two very favorites.

I'm always drinking coffee- probably a white mocha or dirty chai. I'm fluent in Friends trivia & Gilmore Girls quotes. I'm a ~bit~ of a Taylor Swift enthusiast so please be nice to her when you're near me.

Anxiety is a daily struggle for me- you can read more about that here. My dog is named after Stevie Nicks & she knows her roots. The Lord is my stronghold & the reason for everything I do. I'm a hopeless romantic- eating up every rom-com & YA romance you could think of.

Yoga is my only consistent workout & I always have the fries- it's all about balance. I'm nearly twenty five & having a crisis about it. I think we're all at that point in life where we feel like that Kelsea Ballerini song "In Between"- dumb enough to think we know it all & smart enough to know we don't- & that's why I write. Without sounding too much like Jughead Jones, It's more than just styling for me; it's trying to make sense of life THROUGH style, and helping you do it too.

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  1. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that you're not alone in the unhealthy addiction to Gilmore Girls. I like to think that everyone has a "pick me up" and Gilmore Girls is absolutely mine. I've seen every episode at least three times and own every season on DVD! It's perfection.

    Oh, and coffee is pretty great too. I think it comes with the GG lovin' territory though.

  2. If I could live in Stars Hollow, I would totally move there. I love all the twinkle lights and the fun events. Like Bree, I have every season on DVD, and the investment was so worth it! :)

    Also, I totally agree about Friends and Target. These are some of my favorite things in life!

    Olivia (

  3. I'm pretty sure you just wrote my About Me! ha! Girl, you and me BOTH with the FRIENDS thing. My whole life is one big Friends quote haha! <3 Very nice to "meet" you! Excited to follow along!

  4. You're so cute. haha. I'm pretty sure we're gonna be friends. I'm also a fellow coffee addict and Taylor Swift fan;) Anyhow, you're awesome and I'm super weird so I had to tell you. Keep it up!

  5. Hello! I just found your site (via I love it! I'm a huge coffee drinker too. Looking forward to your posts :)

  6. Love your blog! Just stumbled across it and it is awesome! I just started my own blog so it is so nice to get inspiration and ideas from other young women's blogs. Great job!


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