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Friday, November 13, 2020

Oh, don't mind me, just settling dust off the keyboard.

Hi. It's been awhile. As in, I opened up Blogger to find an entirely new interface awhile. 

I didn't expect to go radio silent for months on end, but here we are. To be quite honest, the pandemic sent my depression into a frenzy, and I know I'm not alone in that. It seemed like everywhere you turned on social people were getting into new hobbies, tackling new projects, taking advantage of the time and I just.. couldn't. I didn't have the energy or desire, and after blogging here & there through it, I stopped. I took an instagram break, and it turns out that not posting all the time and not thinking about what to post all the time really does wonders for the brain. 

Slowly but surely, my passion is coming back and I'm getting inspired by fashion again. I want to start creating outfits and finding vintage pieces and sharing them. I even opened my Poshmark back up- mostly because I've been slowly clearing out my closet- but I also want to use it for more, like selling Sunday June pieces. I never officially announced my boutique on here, so there that is!

Apparently people are somehow still seeing this blog even in my absence- I came back to more hits than I had when I was active, so thanks pinterest? Google? Who knows. But whatever the case, I'm back for a revival. Blogging may be dead, but not around here. The difference is I'm no longer trying to be this ~influencer~ that I'm not and I actually really love it. 

What's inspiring me lately?


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