What I Plan On Wearing This Summer (Even If Only To My Living Room)

Friday, May 22, 2020

Hi. Remember me? It's been a minute. I honestly haven't known what kind of content to create (& creating anything has been a doozy) and most days I haven't felt like being "on" and taking photos. I seriously hand it to those who do this as a main job, because I don't know how they're managing.

So I've been a bit MIA. Though I'm still not in the photoshoot mindset, I did get some collage inspiration from Kate. I've always enjoyed making style collages & was gutted when Polyvore shut down- but luckily I've found some alternatives and it's my new addiction, thanks.

So here are three looks that I will be re-creating this summer, even if the only one seeing it is Instagram.


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