Working From Home? Here's What To (Really) Wear

Monday, March 16, 2020

Working From Home? Here's What To (Really) Wear

I had planned on waiting to do a post like this until I was working from home full time (we gotta speak it into existence, ya know?) but surprise! The world turned upside down and COVID-19 happened, affecting virtually everyone's lives and now it looks like the majority of us (myself included) are living the WFH life for the foreseeable future. 

I've always been of the dressing well makes you more productive belief, and that still holds true. Whilst spreading out your workspace across the couch, in your PJs til lunchtime sounds enticing, it can be detrimental to your productivity. I'm not saying you need to reach for your business casual best every day, but putting in some effort will get you far. 



I'm currently wearing one of these as I write this. It's a t-shirt, sure, but it's the kind that are still work appropriate and makes you feel like you're put together. Plus it doubles as a great virtual meeting look!


When I say ~easy~ I mean flowy and button free. You'll mostly find this on the wide leg look, but if you're not into that there are also some straight leg you can find. The key is here to be comfortable whilst avoiding sweats. 


It's an unspoken agreement that bras are one of the first things to go when we're at home. It feels so free! Buuut if you're like me, once the bra comes off it's don't text me, I'm watching Netflix for the rest of the day kinda situation. Great for post work, not super ideal for during the workday. Enter lounge bras, the perfect in between of a real bra and #freetheboob.


I'm personally a sans-shoes in the house kinda gal, but depending on how you work, wearing shoes can make things feel complete, as if you had gone on your commute and were in an office. You're not gonna want to be rocking stilettos, though, so pick a pair of flats that polishes things off.  
xo, kae

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