The Five Spring Trends I've Got My Eye On

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Five Spring Trends I've Got My Eye On


Whilst I love autumn/winter fashion, I think spring/ summer is my top favorite. There's something about when the weather gets warm that makes fashion seem more warm. 

During S/S Fashion Week (the one held last September, I know, confusing) we saw lots of new trends, and some that have circled back around from last year. 

Let's find out which are my faves:  

To me crochet gives instant '90s vibes. Remember crochet swimwear (almost as useless as velvet) and halters? Well, it's back in a modernized way. This time around, we'll be seeing it in dresses as well as separates. If you pick up this trend, just make sure you keep the rest of your look cazh and let the crochet do the talking.

This trend is one we saw last year as well and it's back for good reason! I love a good neon. But remember a little will go a long way! I like this trend best in a simple top or even as an accessory.

Okay so this is one we haven't seen on a ~trending~ list in a minute, but that's not to say it hasn't been in. Maybe it's a tad timeless and it's just trendy at the moment? I opt for more muted tiers- certain things are only meant for wedding cakes. But a fun tiered skirt never hurt anyone!

Leather is obviously a staple, (at least in jacket form) but every once in awhile other forms will come into play, and it's no longer just for winter. We'll see leather in skirts & shorts this season, which I'm honestly here for, especially mixed with a denim top.

Polka Dots
I view polka dots as a timeless print, but they're having a moment right now, which is another trend that goes back to the '90s. Polka is back in swimwear, dresses, and separates and you can still wear them in a grown up way. (or without looking like Minnie Mouse) Just go with simple, like a ruffled dress with a hint of polka.

Which trend I mentioned is your favorite? I'm most looking forward to polka and leather!


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