Why I Change My Hair So Much (And #Inspo For What I'm Doing Next)

Friday, February 21, 2020

If you're an OG follower of the blog/ instagram, you've seen an array of hair changes over the years. From long to short and brown to blonde and brown again, it's been a TIME. I've always found it ironic how I'm so reluctant to let certain changes into my life, yet my hair has always been one thing I don't mind changing. 

I wonder if it stems back to having some semblance of control in a world of no control. Fashion & beauty is one way to take control of your life and how you present yourself, and I think that changing things up keeps things interesting, and it's something we have control over. 

And so I do things like decide to grow my hair back out after over a year of being convinced short was it for me.  

Thus begins the cycle.... 

{photos via pinterest}

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