My Favorite Oscars Looks, Ranked

Monday, February 10, 2020

If I'm being honest, my favorite part of most award shows is the red carpet. Eyes glued to Instagram on alert to see what everyone is wearing is my game plan and I'm always ready. Let's call award shows (and the MET Gala) my Super Bowl. Whilst it isn't the first Monday in May, it is the Monday after the Oscars and it's time to talk fashion!

I took to IG Stories last night to share some of my favorite looks, but here we're going more in depth by ranking them. (SIDE NOTE: My rankings don't mean I love any one any less. They are all amazing. Also this was like Sophie's Choice. Okay that's all) 

13. Janelle Monae, Ralph Lauren 
I read that this beauty took 600 hours to hand embroider. SIX. HUNDRED. HOURS! It was clearly worth it, because she looks like a princess. 

12. Saoirse Ronan, Gucci
This definitely wasn't my favorite look of the night, (not much into the peplum look anymore) but because it's (my girl) Saoirse, she pulls it off beautifully.  

11. Natalie Portman, Dior 
This beautiful Dior piece is perfect on its own, but it's the fact that Natalie had the names of the non-nominated female directors sewn into the cape that really seals it. 

10. Chrissy Metz, Christian Siriano
Red is Chrissy Metz's color. I feel like she always wears it on the carpet and it always looks amazing. This Christian Siriano piece is simple & elegant, perfect for her!

9. Beanie Feldstein, Miu Miu
I'm in love with this, from the floral embroidery to the cut. Less is more with this kind of dress & Beanie gets it. 

8. America Ferrera, Alberta Ferretti 
Did I somehow miss that America is pregnant or was this her announcement? I'm still not sure, but I do know that she looks like a literal goddess in this Alberta Ferretti number. 

7. Billy Porter, Giles Deacon
Billy NEVER comes to play with his red carpet looks, and this is one of my favorite of his yet. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it was inspired by a room in Kensington Palace. Obsessed!

6. Kaitlyn Dever, Louis Vuitton
I don't even have much commentary on this. It's just beautiful and elegant and LOOK AT ALL THE JEWELS!

5. Regina King, Versace 
Regina is blushing (lol) in this beautifully detailed Versace beauty. I love the one shoulder,  asymmetrical detailing. 

4. Mindy Kaling, Dolce & Gabbana
The one-shoulder look was definitely a red carpet trend this year, and who wears it more beautifully than Mindy? And in yellow. AND ALSO THAT NECKLACE.

3. Brie Larson, Celine  
Back with the capes and I'm here for it! This detailing and jewels on this are just stunning. And hello, it's Brie Larson. Superhero. 

2. Florence Pugh, Louis Vuitton
I'm thoroughly mesmerized by this look. Normally I'd be turned off by the tiered cut, but something about this one just makes it work. Maybe it's the coloring, monochroming right down to the shoe!

1. Sandra Oh, Elie Saab
How many puns can I make with this? OH wow this is the most beautiful gown I've ever seen OH my lanta OH-- 
I just can't. The color, the bow detailing, the silver, the ruffles..... it's quite possibly the best thing I've ever seen her in. 

Do you agree with my rankings? Sound off! 
Also how many times did I say the word detail? The limit does not exist. 


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