A Note On Hauls And Influencer Sustainability

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

A Note On Hauls

"Hey guys! I'm doing a haul today..." If you've been on YouTube or Instagram Stories in the past few years, you know this intro like the back of your hand. The coveted "haul video" has been a content creator staple since the early 2010s, and we've eaten it up. But as the knowledge on sustainability grows, so does the realization that maybe the haul isn't what it's cracked up to be.

The point of the haul video is to show off recent purchases- many times in bulk, some influencers doing a haul multiple times in a month. When we think about the turnover rate when it comes to influencers and clothing, it can't be denied that it has an impact on fast fashion and consumerism. The more that hauls are done, the more people watching purchase- and the more content creators purchase in order to churn out more hauls.

I'm not immune to the allure of the haul, being inspired to do my own & ~influenced~ to buy things I've seen featured. I know the allure all too well. However, when I began my journey of more sustainability, I started noticing the huge impact influencers have on fast fashion and questioned how sustainable the haul really is.

Whilst I think we've come pretty far as far as awareness on sustainability, we've still got a long way to go- especially in the content creator space. We have a responsibility to be intentional about what we advertise and the way we treat fashion & clothes, and the longer we promote consumerism, the less sustainability will happen in this space.

People like The Anna Edit and Dearly Bethany are challenging the consumerism craze, editing their wardrobe and practicing a kind of "anti-haul" mentality. I've been inspired to take that route in this space because I believe it's important, and the more people see it the more change we can make.


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