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Friday, January 10, 2020

Style Psychology: Intentional Buying
In the year-ish that I haven't shopped fast fashion (Forever 21, SheIn, etc) I've noticed a shift in the way I shop. No more late night browses on the F21 website, clicking 'add to cart' so many times my eyes glaze over. No more opening my closet a month later only to be hit with a resounding chorus of "why did I buy that??" See, when I stopped buying fast fashion, I finally started taking my own advice & doing what I preach to y'all about doing.

The biggest reason I stopped fast fashion was for sustainability. I felt like I had turned a blind eye for too long & it was time to do something about it. In turn, I realized that practicing sustainability was forcing me to get more intentional- though it was already a goal of mine, I didn't start out necessarily doing it on purpose. But when I started I knew that I had struck gold.

Practicing intentional buying is about more than just sustainability and less late night online shopping situations. It's about creating a curated wardrobe that works for you, your personal style, and your lifestyle. When you open your closet only to find a bunch of random pieces that don't go together and some you have no idea why you even bought in the first place, it creates wardrobe chaos- and in turn a sense of chaos in your life.

It can cause confusion in your personal style and you might start questioning your purchases and what your style is. When you shop with intention, it removes the hard part and you're better equipped to build or add on to a functional wardrobe, plus it saves coin, which is a win win all around!


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