Four Tips To Always Looking Put Together

Friday, January 17, 2020

Ways To Always Look Put Together

There's something about an outfit that looks perfectly put together, especially if in reality all you did was use a few tricks up your sleeve. Having simple tips to pull from when you don't have much time or you just want to look a bit more chic can make getting dressed easier. 

Read on for four of my tips (plus a bonus tip!) to always looking put together!

Add A Layer
When in doubt, I always say add a layer and your look will be elevated instantly. An outfit simply being three pieces instead of two makes you look instantly put together and really just completes the outfit. Take a recent outfit I wore, for example. I took a blouse and wide leg pants, and whilst that was good on its own, throwing on a leather jacket completed it.

Cuff Your Sleeves
The J. Crew way holds up! Cuffing your sleeves or hemline- especially as a petite- is a simple extra step you can take in looking put together. A rolled sleeve gives the illusion of an expensive and put together looking outfit, even when you're short on time.

Throw On A Piece Of Jewelry
I've talked about wanting to up my jewelry game, and one of the reasons is the fact that jewelry is one of the best accessories to throw on & have a complete outfit. I really enjoy layering a couple of different necklaces (no more than three!) for a chic vibe.

Go Monochrome
I feel like pulling a monochrome look together takes a bit more time than when you're in a hurry, but when you have a little more time on your hands, you can pick any color (in your color wheel, of course) & then wear it head to toe. Sticking to a solid color like this creates length, so this tip can also be part of a petite's secret weapon.

Have A Black Turtleneck On Rotation
Obviously wearing a black turtleneck for every outfit isn't an option, but if you're in a hurry & need a quick, chic look throwing one on- I actually prefer a mock neck- tucked into a pair of jeans or a skirt adds a level of professionalism & chicness (how many times can I say that word) to it. There's a reason Steve Jobs was known for wearing them!

I hope some of these tips helped you & that you add them to your arsenal!

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