2019 Style Plans Check In (Plus My Plans For The New Year)

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

At the beginning of last year I shared my style plans with you and since I've been talking about creating style goals, I thought I'd check in with my plans & see how I did, plus tell you my plans for this year. It's important to have a plan for your style, whether you're just starting out in creating one or, like me, have already settled into one and are just wanting to tweak it a bit. 

Last year (as well as this year) I had three main goals written down that I wanted to achieve with my style. 

They were:

More Sustainable Shopping
This one was really big for me in 2019, a blog goal of mine being to teach you about sustainable shopping on a budget, and I think I achieved that pretty well as well as in my own life. I can happily say I haven't shopped fast fashion since I made the goal. Something crazy happens when you stop with the impulsive late night forever 21 scrolling: You stop making impulse buys!  

Colors I Don't Normally Gravitate To 
I'm not sure I could necessarily say I wore colors I didn't usually gravitate to, but I did expand a bit with more color in general. I've always loved wearing color, but I think sometimes I played it too safe, and in 2019 I really took a leap. 

Try Denim (Jeans) Again
Whilst I will die on the hill that jeans are entirely too uncomfortable & anyone who just lounges around in them may be a serial killer, I did find myself falling back in love with styling them. They really are one of the most basic pieces of a wardrobe and when done right can take an outfit to the next level. 

Now onto my plans for 2020- filling out my style goal setting worksheet was really helpful in making said plans. This year I'm focusing on playing things up a bit & really kicking things up a notch. I'm not changing my style by any means, but I am playing with it. 

My Spin On A Capsule Wardrobe
Researching and putting together a post on capsule wardrobes caused me to fall in love with the concept a bit, and for a brief moment I wondered if I should give one a go. After doing some more thinking I'm not sure it would work with my lifestyle at the moment, but I do think I could do my own spin on it. Like, upping the number of items in the wardrobe but still making them work in multiple ways. 

Play More With Jewelry 
I've been on a Dearly Bethany video binge & she really goes all out with styling jewelry. Her preferences are a lot like mine- more delicate, soft pieces. I've already added a few new rings to my collection and have gotten more creative in my necklace layering!

Less Trends
This one may seem a bit shocking since I do so much trend reporting, and I genuinely love keeping up with all of them. However, even when going by my 'only wear trends that align with your style' rule, sometimes I feel I have too many items in my closet that are trend based. I want to add more classic pieces, things that can be worn for years and still seem on trend, because they will be. I really love the Parisian look, and the reason they always look chic is because they don't pay much attention to the trends. 

Has this post given you some ideas for your own style plans? I hope so! Let me know in the comments. (Let's bring blog comments back in 2020, yeah?)

Happy new decade! Still getting used to that. 

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