The Best & Worst Trends Of The Decade

Monday, December 30, 2019

The Best & Worst Trends Of The 2010s

I have to say that researching this post and looking back on all the trends we've cycled through in the last ten years was SO FUN! Most of what I found was from the later years of the decade, so that's what you'll find here. But there are a few from the early days!

It really shows how trends have changed and how our thoughts on style have changed. I know there are quite a few that are missing from the list, but I took my top favorite (& least favorite) ones to compile here.

So here it is, the best & worst trends of the 2010s:


If there is one trend from my childhood that I was most excited for the revival of, it was the choker. Though they seem to have died off a bit again, two years ago they were everywhere from the runway to instagram. And we ate. it. up.

'90s Revival
Three years ago (can you believe!?) I did an entire post on this trend & I still feel the same. I'm pretty sure the '90s is like half of my aesthetic by now and nostalgia and trend cycles have helped that along! From slip dresses to dark lipstick to yes, chokers, the '90s revival was a TIME! We're still seeing some of the '90s being incorporated on the runways in a fresh way, and I can't wait to see how it pans out.

High Waisted Shorts
The high waisted short was once everywhere you turned in the earlier 2010s. I can't say Taylor Swift started the trend, but she certainly popularized them during the Red era. Thus began the high waisted short-crop top trend that I actually still really love. The high waisted short was still being spotted over the summer, so who knows what 2020 holds for them!

Silk Midi Skirt
Silk midi skirts have taken the instagram world by storm the past couple of years, and I'd say that the Realisation Par skirt seen round the world had a little something to do with it. Now we can't get enough of the trend, with the silky texture and perfect fit- not to mention the versatility. 


Hair Feathers
We're going WAY back with this one. The decade began and so did this trend. Everyone and their dog had a tiny feather extension in their hair, including me. It was blue if I recall, and I walked around school like I was Aria in Pretty Little Liars. And then it fell out like three weeks later and I didn't bother getting it put back in because by that time we had all moved onto the next trend. Looking back I'm glad it didn't take long to fade because hello cultural appropriation?

Tiny Sunglasses
Okay look. At first I liked the tiny sunglasses look. It was another nod to the '90s, and I even decided to get a pair. And do a post on the phenomenon like the hard-hitting journalist I am. But after the dust settled and I really looked at the trend, I was over it. Why do we want sunglasses so tiny they barely cover your eyes and ya know, do their job? Gimme back the Olsen sized shades.

Joggers/ Athleisure
We all know my take on this. I've done a blog post and a podcast episode on it. Athleisure wasn't meant to be worn as everyday outfits, and joggers aren't great either. Are they comfortable? Yes. But there are ways to wear comfortable things without compromising your personal style. Next!

Dad Sneakers
This kind of goes with the athleisure? But they deserve their own spot because I need to talk about them. Why did we ever let this happen? Dad sneakers are called dad sneakers for a reason. We didn't need to make them trendy or instagram worthy. Leave it in 2019, please.

And that's my take on the trends!


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