Style Goal Setting For 2020 | Blogmas Day Eight

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Setting goals and intentions for the year is one of my favorite things about the new year, and adding in your personal styles is an important step in my book.

When you have goals & plans set for your style, other parts of your life fall into place. Okay, so it's maybe not THAT easy, but it definitely helps to dress for your goals & the phase of life you're in at the moment. When you dress well, you feel good, and setting goals is a big part of that.

So, how do you set personal style goals for yourself?

The system I use is based off of what my style type is and what my personal & career goals are, as your style goals should be in line with these. I've talked about the importance of a personal style & how your outside should reflect your inside, and having goals set with practical steps is the first step.

Speaking of steps, here they are, laid out for you in practical ways.

Set & Write Down Your Style Goals
What I like to do is first think about what I want to accomplish in my style during the year. Do I want to re-visit a trend? Stop wearing a certain color so much? Incorporate pieces in new ways? Write these down.

Move On To Personal & Career Goals
You can add other categories to this one if you'd like, but these are the ones that apply to my life at the moment the most. Where do you want to be career wise? Dating wise?

Action Steps
Once you've written out your goals, decide on practical, actionable steps in order to reach your goals, both style and otherwise.

Then it's onto part two:

Write Down Your Style Icons & Type
I describe my style type as 'modern romantic + trendy classic.' It's a mouthful but the best way I can describe it! This means my style icons are women like Julia Engel and the character Sutton on The Bold Type. If you're not sure of your style type, look at the icons you gravitate to. What kind of style do they have?

Make A Style Mood Board
Perhaps my favorite step! This is when you get to be creative and make a pinterest (or regular) collage of outfits that speak to your style. You'll use this when you're lacking inspiration and to get your style goals together!

I've created a worksheet just for you- two pages of style goal goodies. So click on the image, save & print, and get to it!


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