Leveling Up Your Denim | Blogmas Day Ten

Monday, December 23, 2019

It seems that once again jeans are back in my regular rotation and elevating a jeans look has become my new goal. (one of them, anyway)

I think jeans have a reputation of becoming boring, worn over and over in slight variations of the same way, and that was one of the reasons I got turned off by them for a bit. (That and the comfort bit- which unfortunately hasn't changed)

So this is why leveling up the way you wear jeans (and any denim, really) is important. One of my favorite combos is a good old fashioned jeans & tee, but here we go with the boring. If you don't know how to mix it up sometimes it's easy to get frustrated with it.

When in doubt, start layering a look. For starters, I took two delicate necklaces to layer, which already adds a level to an outfit. Then, throwing on a leather jacket ties everything together. Leather jackets have a way of making an outfit look effortlessly perfect and therefore a closet essential to reach for whenever you need a boost.


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