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Friday, December 20, 2019

I always enjoy taking a peek into what's on other bloggers' wishlists, and Christmas is no different. 

On the flip side, I sometimes wonder if these can come off a little.. skeezy? Like 'here's what I want lol'. So think of it as a list of potential gift ideas for someone left on your list! 

Let's get into it: (a couple of these things I didn't even put on my list- just planning on getting them with any gift cards I may get/ money saved)

I've had my Apple Watch for a little over a year now and I literally always wear it. Like it's my WATCH watch now, and because of this my little silicone bands, try as they might, just aren't cutting it anymore. I'd like something a little classier/ dressier for certain days, and I've had my eye on a leopard band for ages now.  

New Coat
I can't link this one because I'm not actually sure of the exact one I want (why I didn't put it on my actual list- I need to pick it out!) but I'm thinking a pea or trench. Though I absolutely love my current one, it's on its fourth year and just not as bright as it once was. It's time. 

I actually own one of these bad boys already, but it burned out last year and I just haven't replaced it. So it just sits atop my record player stand, sad little broken lamp. I like to think looking at it still has the same effect as if it worked, but I know it's wishful thinking. 

I looove wearing a robe around the house or whilst getting ready and it's time for a new one. I go back and forth between wanting a bathrobe bathrobe or one of those silky ones. I actually bought a silky one from amazon earlier this year, but it didn't fit the way it should, sooo here we are. 

Comment with what's on your list!


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