Here's Why I Started Writing About Fashion (& Why I Continue)

Friday, September 20, 2019

In my time on the internet, I've gone through many a transition. 

I first started out beauty blogging, dreams of becoming the Zoella of the blog world in the back of my mind. Then I decided to incorporate style, complete with horribly lit & angled mirror outfit photos. (I'm glad to see a good mirror pic coming back, this time better angles in tow) Since then, there have been many variations in trying to find my sweet spot, (the latest being that I've added branding myself as a freelancer to the mix) and if you've been with me for a minute, you've probably gotten whiplash at some point. 

The one thing that's remained, though, is the fashion aspect. It's always been a part of my brand and what I'm letting my readers in on- how you can remain stylish whilst being inexpensive, finding your personal style... all the good stuff. The fashion part of me runs deeper than just giving style tips, though- it's been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I've talked about how throughout my life I've used style as a way of expressing myself, and writing has been another creative outlet. 

When I started blogging I found that I enjoyed writing ~about~ fashion (who knew, right?) and that I wanted to write about it in a way that let people know that it's not just some frivolous thing. The way people dress is a form of art that should be celebrated and taken seriously. 

It's easy to get caught up in what is now dubbed as "influencer culture," focusing on numbers and if this photo goes with the aesthetic of our instagram grid and why aren't people reading my blog do people even read blogs anymore? WHY AM I EVEN DOING THIS??  When this happens, it's important for me to step back and re-evaluate my why. 

When I recently created my mission for freelancing, I was able to tie it all together in a way I never have before. Save from social justice, everything I love writing about- fashion, entertainment, even beauty- is often seen as frivolous and two dimensional from the outside. But when I read a piece on fashion that's so well-written I'm a little jealous I didn't come up with it, it inspires me in unexpected ways, leaving me feeling more cultured and full than before I started the piece. Nothing is two dimensional about stringing words together in ways that make people want to read more, and so that's why I keep on.


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