This Outfit Formula Will Be My Fall Uniform

Monday, September 9, 2019

I've just gotten a new sweater as part of a haul, & I'm desperately clawing through my closet trying to find any bottoms that will do so I can take photos for a try-on haul. (link post) I grab a pair of jeans and voila.

My new favorite outfit formula is born.

As I’ve mentioned before, autumn is one of my favorite seasons to dress for. It comes simple for me, the layering of pieces making for endless options, all seeming brand new. That’s what I love about this sweater- jeans- or any other bottom formula.

With this formula, the main piece we’re building off of is the sweater. So your bottoms & shoewear can be rotated for the appropriate occasion.

For instance, for this particular look I chose to pair with jeans, but that’s not going to be appropriate for work. (Unless it’s casual Friday)

So in this case you can swap out the jeans for a midi skirt- or any kind of workwear skirt.

As for the shoes, there’s something about pairing jeans with heels that makes it just the right amount of dressed up. But with this formula you can switch them out too, with a pair of boots or even flats.

You end up with six outfit options here, any of which work for the season.

No doubt I’ll be getting my wear’s worth in!


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