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Monday, September 2, 2019

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The changing of the seasons is always an interesting time, and when it comes to the summer/autumn transition it's one of my personal favorites.

It's been a bit more quiet on here the past month or so, (you can read why here) & I'm really starting to adopt the quality over quantity philosophy. I always have to an extent, but I used to put so much pressure on myself to churn out posts on my schedule, even if the result wasn't my best.

I don't want that anymore.

I want 100% value 100% of the time & on top of taking on more writing, if that means not as many posts on See Kae Style, I'm okay with that.

Now onto the mood board:

No matter how much I love the summertime, I think the autumn aesthetic is superior to me. I love the falling of the leaves & the darker colors all around. I thrive during this time of year & I think it really shows in my creativity.

What about you?

Cheers to September!


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