Four Autumn Trends You Need To Know About

Friday, September 6, 2019

Autumn is perhaps my favorite season to write about fashion-wise. Between the sweaters, knitwear, over the knee boots, and pretty much everything else we wear this season, it’s as much fun dressing for as writing about. 

Whilst tends are something you should choose wisely and not have a closet full of, it’s nice to look at what trends are popping up in the new season and see how you can incorporate a few into your personal style. 

These are four of my picks: 

I wouldn’t call knitwear a ~trend~ as it’s pretty much an autumn/ winter staple, however you will be seeing plenty of it this season in every hue. Knits are such a simple kind of fabric for the season as it’s cozy and will keep you nice & warm, all whilst making an outfit look perfectly put together. Look for knitwear in sweaters, cardigans, and dresses and be ready to stock up. 

Colorful Hosiery
Tights have become the ultimate fall accessory in recent years, as they serve functionality as much as style. Expect to see them in all the bright/ neon colors this season, making them pair-able with solid colored (favorably a neutral) dresses or skirts. 

Statement Hats 
We’ve been seeing hat wear take the forefront for a couple of years now, and this season is no exception. Unfortunately bucket hats are now part of the obsession, which I'm not a fan of AT ALL. But to each her own. Hats I am a fan of? The floppy kind that would make Serena Van Der Woodsen jealous. 

Dark Florals  
Rounding out the list is another non-trend trend, this time in the realm of floral. Perhaps one of the most universal prints, the majority is normally reserved for the warmer months. But this season, expect to see the print in darker colors everywhere. Paired with a knee high boot, this trend is sure to stick around.

Tell me your favorite trends this season!


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