Must Have Pleated Number

Monday, August 12, 2019

I've added yet another dress to the collection, this one a gorgeous pleated floral number I recently picked up from Target. 

I was immediately drawn to the color as I've been committed to putting more green in my wardrobe. (it's a hue you don't often see on me) It's a subtle green that with the floral still makes the details pop.

Secondly, the versatility. I'm very much for pieces that can be worn multiple ways, and with the sleeveless cut it can be worn plain or layered with a tee shirt (my favorite way to elevate a dress) and you can throw on a pair of tights to wear when it gets cooler. 

Adding a pair of wedges or pumps completes the look in an effortless way! 

For $25.00, this one's a winner.


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