How I'm Falling Back In Love With Jeans

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Last year I wrote a post on why I didn't wear jeans anymore. Whilst I still have some of those same feelings, (I don't care who you are, jeans will never be comfortable) I wanted to get back to wearing them sometimes. After all, what's a good square neck shirt if not paired with some denim?  

If getting over your fears means experiencing them, I thought the best way to fall back in love with wearing jeans was to, well, wear them. I looked for outfits that worked well with jeans & even started a pinterest board for inspo

Could wearing looks I once loved and felt good in reconnect me to wearing jeans? From this, the #SKSJeansChallenge was born, because I love being competitive with myself. 

You've seen a couple of these looks up on instagram, but I wanted to save some for this post. I only captured a few looks but I can honestly say that I enjoyed putting them together and wearing them. (even if I did have to undo the button on my jeans whilst sitting down) 

So, without further ado, here are the looks from this challenge:


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