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Friday, August 23, 2019

I’ve talked about how I’m really trying to lessen my clothing buying and save the major purchases for (mostly) seasonal, and lucky for you lot (& okay, me) it's almost autumn. It's been a minute since I've browsed the 'new in' on ASOS (the outlet has been the object of my affection as of late) but I always seem to find quite a few gems.

The thing with me is when adding new pieces into my wardrobe, especially seasonally, I like to break up the purchases and make sure I'm only getting pieces I actually need & that will get plenty of wear.

With this mini haul there ended up being two 1000% yeses, one maybe and one absolutely not.

Let's start with the yes:

The Brave Soul Sweater in Pink
Sweaters are my best friend in autumn/ winter and this season is seeing lots of neon. This pink is just loud enough and can be paired with jeans or a skirt, or even over a summer dress to autumn-ize things.

Plus it's as soft as a sweater should be!

The Petite Linen Midi
This was the maybe of the bunch, the color being what drew me in and the bow detail an added bonus. I really love it, but the fit isn't as TTS as asos normally is. I chose my normal pant size & things are a little too tight. Like full on can't-breathe-whilst-sitting tight. I really do like the look of it & the fact that it's versatile- it pairs well with both a tee and a blouse- but I'm still thinking on it.

We'll see.

The Brave Soul Sweater Dress
This one might be my favorite- typical of me to find a sweater dress & fall in love. It's more of a form fitting shape (so I'll definitely be utilizing my shape wear) but oh so perfect for an autumn day. AND WITH BOOTS! 

The Petite Sweater With Pearl Embellishment
And here we have the no. I ordered this one for the pretty pearls on the front, and I got my normal small in petite. It may be a petite, but it's not a petite. It felt boxy and big on me, plus one of the pearls fell off when I took it out of the bag. So there's that.

Ya can't win 'em all.

There ya have it, kids! Just the beginning of my autumn/ winter wardrobe. have you started building yours?


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