The Biggest Thing I've Been Doing For My Anxiety

Monday, July 8, 2019

Comin' at you with a non-style post today, huh? I like to catch you off guard. 

When it comes to my anxiety there is a lot of up & down, and I've found a pretty good balance of coping methods over the years. Breathing, chatting with a friend, writing, having a bath... you get the gist. A few years ago I found that working out seemed to help, but I was never super consistent. 

The only real consistency I had as far as a workout routine was yoga, (which I can honestly say really helped in eating disorder recovery) and as much as I love it, it can only go so far. I felt like I needed something else sometimes because I tend to get a bit fidgety during a yoga practice. 

Then, one day as I was scrolling Meghan Rienks' instagram, she was talking about how she had started working out consistently and it had really helped her mental state, and something clicked. 

I could hear the words of Elle Woods: "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy." It seemed like such a simple concept, but one that I had overlooked or maybe just didn't want to see because who likes working out? 

Turns out, more people than I thought, and I was becoming one of them. When I started mixing consistent cardio in with yoga- whether it be the bike (can I still call it spin if it's not a class? idk) or walking Stevie- I started feeling less anxious in the day to day. Obviously it didn't cure it, but I saw a change. I felt a lightness. 

Now when I go a few days without working out, like when I was in Jersey, I definitely feel it. I don't let it throw off my entire vibe but I'm for sure ready to get back to it. 

If you're intimidated by working out- or just don't feel like doing it- I feel you. Sometimes you have to literally force yourself and remember how good you'll feel after. 

Purchasing an apple watch has honestly been the biggest motivator for me (I love competing with myself to see how fast I can close my rings) as well as reminding myself how much of a good thing it is for my anxiety. 

Speaking of, I should probably go work out now since I've been putting it off all day because IT HAPPENS!


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