Why Fashion Rules Don't Matter

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

You remember the ~rules~ of fashion. "Don't wear white after labor day!" "Don't mix prints!" "Only wear what's right for your body type!"

Whilst the latter is important in some scenarios, for the most part the rules we used to preach about fashion are outdated and kind of ridiculous. 

So here's the deal. 

The rules of fashion don't matter, and here's why:

Fashion Is About Creativity
When it comes to style, creativity plays a huge role. When you're boxed into all the rules and corners, there's no room for growth and you find yourself in a rut. If you're so focused on not breaking a rule you have no time to actually enjoy what you're wearing, and wearing what makes you feel good is a key in finding confidence in style.

You Create Your Own Rules With Personal Style
With creativity comes creating your personal style, which means creating your own rules when it comes to style. Having a sense of what you like and fitting it in with your style is crucial. For instance, I like mixing patterns and color blocking (& denim on denim) in ways that might've once been frowned upon, but I do it because I've created my own rules.

Fashion Is About Breaking The Rules
One of the other biggest things fashion is about is breaking the rules that you've been told you have to follow. Breaking barriers and creating your own sense of style is what fashion & what personal style is, and it's okay to not listen to things you're ~supposed~ to do.


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