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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

{Jane photo via Worn On TV)

The latest episode of JTV (before tonight!) had me CAPTIVATED by a specific dress Jane wore. Cutout so it almost looks like a two piece, tie in the front and in the best color stripes. 

"I gotta find this dress," I thought, and so I came up with What They Wore because obviously I wanted to share my findings with you. & yes WTW is a play on What Kae Wore. Sue me.

Let me know if you want more of this!

Hunting for this dress was actually relatively easy- my google search of the episode led me to a website called Worn On TV. (I LOVE sites like this- I used to follow multiple sites dedicated to finding looks worn on PLL) 

I learned from this site that the exact dress is from Madewell aaand currently not available online. BUT I'm not one to give up and budget friendly options are obviously first choice. To be honest there are tons of tie-front dresses on the web, but not too many that match the vibe of this one. We want the cutout feature too, and the COLORS! 

Two dresses stuck out to me as dupes, the first being from Nordstrom Rack.

Whilst the colors are more blue focused, you still get a hint of the cutout and it's just a little longer in length. Although the original doesn't have the button down detail, it's not too much of a derail. Retailing for $26.97, she's a good little dupe!

Again, the colors aren't as vibrant, but they're definitely the closest I found to the original. This one has a button down detail as well, but it's so subtle I didn't even notice it until I was putting the photo up. This one is my personal favorite out of the two as I think it just matches. The tie/ cutout is nearly the same-- even the waistbands are identical! Thus one goes for $21.99 on amazon. 


Like I said, if you want to see more of this feature or even have a specific look you want me to find, let me know! 

(PS if you watch JTV you know it's nearing the series finale and I'm not prepared and I'm gonna stress eat and cry all the way there okay bye) 


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