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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Vacation WKW posts are some of my favorite to write because I like finding out what people are wearing on trips, so obviously I like sharing what I wear on them. 

This trip I failed a tiny bit and didn’t snap a couple of the days, but THAT’S OKAY. You’ll get the gist of it. My goal with this travel wardrobe was comfort whilst staying true to my style. As usual, dresses were very involved. 

I especially like to be comfortable on planes, so for the flight I opted for this tee dress I snagged from Target a few weeks ago, along with a pair of my most comfortable sandals. 

Day two was my birthday and OF COURSE I forgot to get a snap.


Anyway, I wore this River Island top I talked about recently with a pair of Target shorts I’ve had for a couple of years. According to the website photo, you can wear the bow on this top in the front (like I'm wearing here) but after trying both I personally like the way it looks better in the back. You do you! 

Thursday I opted for the other latest Target dress in my wardrobe, a pretty white linen button down. WITH POCKETS! 

Linen is one of my favorite fabrics for the summertime, but the thing with it is you can steam it like crazy and it’ll be wrinkled two hours later. (As evidenced) 

Friday I reached for one of my faves- a striped embroidered number that although has longer sleeves is still cool enough to wear in the summer.

I usually style it up a bit but again, comfort was my number one priority & luckily it looks good on its own as well. 

Then the weekend: 

This striped dress from Old Navy a few years ago is one of my ride or dies, and one the more recent ways I’ve been styling it is with a plain tee thrown underneath. 

Although I didn’t get a shot of the last day’s look, I conveniently wore this exact outfit. Breaking out the shorts again! 


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