The Problem With Fast Fashion

Friday, July 26, 2019

You may remember the post I did awhile back covering tips on how to shop sustainably (you can read it here) & I talked a bit about the issues with fast fashion, but I wanted to go more in depth today. For a long time I ~kind of~ knew about things happening but turned a blind eye because after all, I'm just one person. 

How much could I really affect things? 

But the truth is, though one person can't change everything, it's important to be conscious of the practices of fashion brands & choose brands and stores that care about what they're doing environmentally & ethically. You may be just one person, but if everyone became aware and started putting sustainability into practice, change would come instantaneously.  

I've mentioned the documentary The True Cost before and I recommend it as a starting point if you're ready to start shopping sustainably. We learn from this film that ethical and environmental implications from fast fashion can have detrimental effects. Yes, sweat shops are actually a thing & a prevalent fast fashion practice. 

Labor costs are cheaper in other countries, which is well known. However, many times this leaves the factory workers in poor conditions, and there have even been multiple cases of fire deaths.

As far as the environmental issues, the whole reason it's called fast fashion is because new styles are always churning out, barely giving consumers enough time to enjoy their recent buys. Because of this, two things happen:

1.) Certain corners are cut when it comes to environmental factors in order for factories and companies to get new clothes made on time. Toxic chemicals are often used as well as increasing waste, wrecking havoc on the earth.

2.) When so many clothes are tossed to the wayside- oftentimes literally being thrown away- you can guess the environmental impact of that. More than 15 million tons of clothing waste end up in US landfills each year. Pretty crazy, no? So many ways to ~go green~ have been at the center of social media's attention (as it should be) so why haven't we added this side? 

Obviously the fast fashion phenomenon isn't going anywhere, and honestly I'd have no issue with it if it weren't for the major effects. But is there a balance? Is there a way we all can be happy, mindlessly scrolling FF sites, figuring out how much money you can save, whilst still practicing sustainability?  

I'm not sure if we'll find a compromise. But until then, we can make an effort to make our footprint  a little smaller. 


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