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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Before I go any further, I should ease your mind (or disappoint you?) by saying I'm not abandoning the blog. At this point it's become a part of me, and even should it one day drift it'll stay up for archive, I'll make sure of it. 

Okay, now that that bit's out of the way. When I re-branded this blog to See Kae Style back in January my goal was to re-brand to more of a style blog (style was already one of the main focuses but for a long time I still categorized myself under 'lifestyle') and potentially grow my business with it. What business, you ask?

I wanted to become your virtual stylist, the first place you looked when you needed a fashion tip or some outfit inspiration. I wanted to start offering services covering some of those things, & actually advertised it on the blog. (it's still there) I wrote an e-book. 'This is going to be great!' I thought. 

It wasn't.

I failed with many parts of my venture, and to be honest I abandoned certain parts of it because I didn't want to keep fighting for it. That's my first problem. I wasn't nearly as devastated with failing as I thought I would be, continuing to create content and style looks and throw a piece of myself into it. 

The truth is I still wasn't totally sure what I wanted to do with my life- I never have been- but for the first time in my life I wasn't scared about it. I was going where the wind blows, as they say, not pressuring myself. 

I'd felt a little tug for quite some time to start writing again- really writing- when my best friend asked me if I had a plan in case fashion didn't pan out. It wasn't a mean spirited question, just an honest conversation between friends. I told her no but I wasn't freaked out about it and that freaked me out, and she told me she thought I should start writing.

I'd once tried to pursue freelance, but I had just entered my twenties, still a mess mental health wise and didn't know what to do with myself. 'This is too much. What's a pitch?? I can't write well enough,' were a few of the thoughts screaming at me, and so I stopped. I still wrote, of course, but my dreams of being a freelance Carrie Bradshaw fell by the wayside. 

And then.  

I've decided to give it another go, and the thing about life is you can plan all you want but it might end up being the way things pan out. And that's okay. Whilst the occasional 'what if this is another thing I fail at' has come whispering, I think it away and just write. Because at my core I think writing is part of who I am. As an introvert, I've found two main ways in which to express myself over the years- through fashion and through writing. Ultimately I'd like to combine those two and write about fashion for a living, but I'd also like to write about other things, including fiction. (gulp)

If at this point you're thinking 'Kaeleen! Get on with the point!' Don't worry, I'll yelling the same thing at myself too. I guess the point is that there might be some changes in this space- like sometimes getting less than the three scheduled posts a week up.

I say that, however my anxiety-ridden mind has to have structure and so the thought of taking mini-breaks or not being on as much of a schedule is causing me to break out in hives at this very moment. So we'll see. 

In the meantime I'm trying to balance work with blogging & writing & still have a semblance of a social life. When I find the perfect balance, I'll let you know.

(PS you can keep up with my non-freelance stuff here)


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