My Top Nordstrom Rack Picks

Friday, July 12, 2019

Ah, July. You got your fireworks, your free slurpee day, and the Nordstrom Sale, which is basically Christmas 2.0 in blogger world. 

The thing is, I'm never interested in the sale because A) I don't have a card so no early access= lots of the good stuff is sold out afterwards, & B) because I mostly shop the Rack.

When sharing my outfits and favorite online picks, I keep in mind that if I'm not buying, you probably aren't either. I just don't connect with bloggers who share nothing but $$$ looks, and that's no shade on them. I just don't feel connected because it's not what I wear!

So, today I'm rounding up my top picks from the Rack, all in one place for you to shop. Is it the N-Sale? Not exactly. But it's the same kinda stuff & you can save some coin.

I've categorized everything by item type so you can just click through!


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