Tips & Tricks For Fitting All Your Clothes Into A Carry On

Friday, June 28, 2019

I started traveling with only a carry on a few years ago, when I wanted to 'stick it to the man' & not pay for a checked bag. Plus, I have a crazy fear of my luggage getting lost (it happens too often, people!) so I'm determined. 

Though it may seem impossible, fitting everything into a carry on can be done, and trust me when I say you feel a sense of 'I can do anything!' once you get it down. 

These are the tricks I swear by: 

I did a post on how to create a travel wardrobe because having cohesive pieces is important. You'll want to be able to mix & match as you please, and the less pieces you have to bring the more you'll have in your suitcase. 

Don't Over Pack
I can't stress this one enough, and if I can do it I have total faith in you! I was once an over packer, bringing things I thought ~for sure~ I'd need and then SURPRISE! Didn't need it & all it did was take up room. 

While you should be prepared & bring along a couple of extra shirts & underwear, leave the questionable items. Do you absolutely need it? If not, leave it. It'll be waiting for you when you return, promise.   

Use Packing Cubes
Packing cubes are actually new to me, but I've read about people who swear by them for a long time. I finally decided to utilize them because they really are a space saver. 

The thing about packing cubes is you can designate each one for something different. For example, keep your dresses in one, shirts in another, underwear in other, etc etc. Roll the items up neatly and pack away! 

I hope this guide has been helpful in saving space and fitting aaaall those things onto a carry on. Let me know which tip is your favorite!


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