The Four Summers Trends To Know About

Monday, June 3, 2019

I covered spring trends at the beginning of the season, so I thought it was only appropriate to let you in on some summer trends. Remember- when working with trends pick a couple that speak to you and incorporate them into your style. 

Don't go crazy with it. 

Now that we've got that, let's get into the trends:

Square Necklines
Diving right in to my pick as top trend, the square neck. I wrote about ways to style them recently because they're ~the~ neckline of spring/summer. 

With a cool girl vibe perfect for layering necklaces, it's a trend that can be taken into fall and will be evergreen.

Strappy Thin Sandals
While you can still get away with platform sandals (thank gosh because they're not leaving my wardrobe) the barely there look of the 90s is back. (who's surprised?) 

These babes can be worn with skirts, dress up a pair of jeans, elevate a maxi dress, you name it! 

I love a good suit and I think everyone should have one. (says the girl who has yet to get one in her wardrobe-- I'm waiting for the perfect one okay?!) 

This season, you'll see a lot of short suits- AKA a pantsuit with shorts instead. However, a regular pantsuit in a neon or pastel is perfect for work!

Hair Accessories
In my earring-less journey, I've become more into hair accessories, and maybe part of the reason is I've been influenced. 

It happens! Hair accessories are everywhere right now, especially those big barrettes. Headbands are also having a moment,and silk wraps are a summer-worthy way to polish off a ponytail.

I'm definitely most into the square necklines & any hair accessory. What's your favorite?


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