Styling Summer Dresses

Friday, June 14, 2019

Dresses are a major staple of my personal style. They're a piece I feel very Kaeleen (perhaps the most?) in, feminine & ready to take on whatever comes my way. It's a good thing too, because in the atrociously hot Texas summers it's about all I can bare to throw on! 

The thing about dresses, though, is that once you wear them a few days in a row you're wanting to mix things up a little. Luckily, I've perfected a few ways to style them for a fresh look. 

Add A Belt
Possibly the most simple of the styling tricks for well, anything, adding a belt always elevates a look. Throwing a medium size belt (not super wide, but not skinny either) at the waist of a dress can make it look like a whole new outfit and for shift or smock dresses can add more definition and shape.

Mix In A Piece Of Statement Jewelry
For awhile I was into strictly daintier pieces, and while I still prefer them at times, I've let statement jewelry back into my life. When you take a simple dress and add a colorful necklace or pair of earrings, you have a focal pint and it can tie an outfit together.

Pair It With A Top
The best thing about this trick is that the top can work for both under and over the dress. Under can transform a sleeveless dress into a layered look, and then throwing one over your dress gives an instant new outfit, especially if it's a loose crop. You'll have the illusion a crop top + skirt and only you will know the secret.

Summer Dress

How do you style summer dresses?


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