Style Psychology | Does Dressing Well Make You Smarter?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

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Putting on a good outfit can boost your mood, but did you know it can also make you smarter?

Okay, maybe clothes can't actually up your IQ, but they can change the way you think. Remember that study done about the white coats?

Dressing well sets you up for more productivity & in turn, can make you feel smarter.

If you work from home or you have the kind of work that doesn’t stop once you’re home, it can be tempting to throw on pjs (or not take off the ones you wore to bed) or your favorite loungewear.

I get it! You want to be comfortable.

But unfortunately, comfortable can become too much too fast and before you know it you’ve moved from your desk to the couch and uh oh somehow your laptop closed and Netflix has turned on. How’d that happen? Aaand there goes work. If you're dressing like you don't feel like doing anything, you won't be doing much!

It's a proven fact that dressing ~comfortably~ sacrifices your focus & productivity. So what does this mean for us? Do we have to sacrifice comfort to be productive?

Not necessarily.

There is a such a such thing as business casual, people! Even if you're working from a home office, it takes ten seconds to throw on a dress. Instantly you've gone from 'I want to lay on the couch and drink coffee all day' to 'I'm ready to do work!'

Next time you're tempted to throw on a pair of sweats when you've got an inbox full of emails to tackle, RESIST!

Your brain will thank you for it.


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