My Exact Formula For Planning & Putting Outfits Together

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Putting outfits together can feel daunting if you don't have a plan. Trust me, I've been there. You open your closet, look around, and realize you have no idea what to wear. 

You plan for everything in life- why not what you wear? I always plan out what I'm going to wear the next day the night before, but if you want to be even more organized you can plan your week's outfits out on Sunday night. I need to start doing that!

As I mention in the Dress Your Body workbook, I like to make the most out of my outfit planning time- some might even say it's an act of self care. I put on a favorite show or good playlist and get to going. 

The first thing I do is look at what the weather's doing. If you live in a climate where you pretty much know what you're gonna get, this may not be as important of a step. However, if you're somewhere like say... Texas, then your weather app is your new BFF. Make outfit plans based on the forecast.

Once I have that down, I step into my closet & it's go time. I have my closet merchandised so I can see exactly what's what (if you want me to do a full post on that, let me know!) & that's what I recommend you do. 

It makes it sooo much easier to see what you have (& if you don't see your clothes, you won't wear them) and you can figure out different mixes. Sometimes I'll have a focal piece in mind, (like a skirt or pair of pants) grab it & then play off of that- figure out what I can mix and match with it.

If you're totally stumped or have no idea where to start (it happens to the best of us) I recommend you use pinterest as a tool. (How many times can I say this? It's possibly the easiest tool, right at your fingertips) You can be as specific or broad in your search as you want to be. If you're wanting a way to twist up a work outfit, you can search 'work outfit' and then whatever your dress code is, or 'work outfit' and then whatever season it is, or even 'dress outfit', 'trouser outfit', etc. etc.... 

If you come up with a combination that you've never worn before, I suggest trying it on beforehand to make triple sure it works. If you have second thoughts, it's okay to go back to step two. 

Using this formula as a guide will help you plan and put together your outfits in a snap!


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