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Monday, June 10, 2019

I'm a huge documentary girl, and true crimes and fashion (of course) are my two main picks. I think immersing yourself into fashion as much as you can is extremely helpful when trying to develop & keep a personal style. It's also good to know what's trending, and sometimes you just wanna watch a good docu!

So here are the four documentaries you MUST watch, hand-picked:

The Secret World Of Haute Couture 
This is a BBC documentary that follows the "society" of women who invest in haute couture (high fashion) pieces. We watched it in fashion class a few years ago & it's a fascinating look into the world, and also helps the viewer understand how fashion is considered art.


Alexa Chung's Future Of Fashion
I have an Alexa obsession, so I'm a little biased to this one but it might be my favorite current fashion docu. I don't know how many times I've watched it. 

The Future Of Fashion series is a series she did with British Vogue, & it's actually broken up into two seasons- the first follows her in London as she interviews various designers & others in the industry, gathering information on how to break into the industry as well as how fashion is changing & growing, The second season sees her traveling to New York, where the interviews are more focused on careers in fashion but is still informative to those who aren't interested in a career, as it gives you an inside look of things.

WHERE TO WATCH: Youtube: Series OneSeries Two

The First Monday In May
If you don't know when the Met gala is, the first Monday in May is just another spring day. However, it's also when fashion's biggest night is held- an annual fundraising gala for the Costume Institute in NYC. Spearheaded by the one & only Anna Wintour, The First Monday In May follows Anna & her team through the planning process of the 2015 gala, themed China: Through The Looking Glass. If you find watching costumes come to life fascinating- or just love celeb cameos- you'll love this doc. 


The True Cost
Okay, so this one isn't fun or pretty like the others, but it's necessary. I'd heard of The True Cost for a few years, of course, but I could never bring myself to watch it. Now that I'm becoming more aware of sustainable shopping, though, (& I want y'all to be as well) I wanted to see it. This documentary goes from Texas all the way to Bangladesh, and follows garment industry workers and the issues that come with fast fashion. The more aware we become, the bigger difference we can make. 


There are sooo many documentaries on fashion out there, & obviously this is only a fraction. Take these on and then see what else you can find! 


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