The Right Way To Wear Leggings As An Adult

Monday, May 20, 2019

Wearing Leggings As An Adult

Leggings might be one of the most controversial pieces of clothing, mainly because of the are leggings pants debate. Well I'm here to answer that question: NO.

End post! Just kidding. There's actually quite a bit to cover on this topic. We know walking around interchanging pants & leggings is a no-go, but what is a go? 

The obvious rule we've all heard is whatever top you wear needs to cover your butt- otherwise it becomes pants territory. So where does that leave us? How do we make leggings look ~adult~ and professional?

Leggings should be an added layer! 

One of my favorite ways to wear leggings is in the winter, with oversize sweaters or as a layer under a dress. However, when it comes to sweaters, you want to make sure you build a cohesive look that doesn't look ~juvenile~. Pair it with knee high boots and a thinner scarf. 

Leggings are not meant to be worn as athleisure (y'all know my stance on that anyway) or as yoga pants, or sweatpants. THEY ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE, PEOPLE!

Perhaps the most adult way to wear leggings is the layering under dresses or shirt dresses, which is always appropriate, especially in cooler months. Some looks go better with tights, but there are certain dresses that can be worn with leggings. (shirt dresses, t-shirt dresses, etc)

The number one rule is to always remember- do not wear LEGGINGS AS PANTS! I cannot stress this enough. Remember that, follow these steps, and you can incorporate leggings into your everyday wardrobe. (when necessary) 


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