June '19 Mood Board & Letter From The Editor

Friday, May 31, 2019

{all photos via pinterest}

June happens to be one of my favorite months. It's the beginning of summer & my birthday month (that I get to share with Pride!) plus it's the middle of the year- the perfect time to take inventory of where you're at & reflect. Go on new adventures, wear new outfits, etc. etc.

Since it's the start of the summer season, there will be A LOT of seasonal based content. (I'll try to space it out a little throughout the months so you're not bombarded) 

Liiike how to style those summer dresses, the trends you need to watch for, & summer looks to take to work. Just to name a few. 

I'll also be traveling a bit and I'm going to show you how to fit everything in a carry on, so watch out world! 

I can't wait to share what I've been cooking up, and don't forget to join the new FB GROUP! I'm thinking about doing a June style challenge in there, so be sure to get in on that. 

Cheers to June!


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