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Friday, April 19, 2019

The other day I got this crazy idea, part inspired by Colette Prime's amazon page. (She's your GIRL for prime fashion) 

What if I made a page dedicated to being a shopping source for you? 

And so the Shopping Master List was born! I wanted to have a page where you can go and browse through when you need a certain item or something for a specific occasion. I'm going to try & update everything as regularly as possibly- ideally every week- & of course seasonally. 

The links I give will be affordable + sustainable, because that's becoming increasingly important to me, and I want to show you that it is possible to shop sustainably on a millennial budget. 

Does this mean I won't be dong The Edit posts anymore? NO- I love making the edit posts & there will be new ones from time to time. 

While we're on the subject of new, I'm officially holding myself accountable on updating the 'shop my instagram' page regularly with either exact items or similar ones to what I'm wearing in my IG posts! I want y'all to be able to shop easily. 

Happy shopping! Be back Monday with regularly scheduled programming. 


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