How Instagram Is Killing Fashion (& The Environment)

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Scroll through instagram for any number of time & you can guarantee you'll see influencers wearing & promoting fast fashion brands. We've just covered why fast fashion should no longer be our first choice and instagram culture certainly hasn't helped anything. 

The problem is that when celebrities & ~influencers~ like Kylie Jenner and even bloggers promote all of these new Instagram brands, they become popular. People buy what they wear- hence the term influencer. You get the idea, yes? 

Suddenly those brands are all you see and the demand is high. Most times they are on the fast fashion side of things, which means new styles are being pumped out weekly- if not almost daily- wreaking havoc on the environment. 

What happens when influencers have been snapped enough times in the clothes, or the style is no longer ~the thing~? The clothes get tossed to the side, often times literally. 

The art of a good brand is no longer valued. The selling point with these IG brands seems to be the price point and how trendy it all is- which is well & good- but there are ways to shop on a budget without having to sacrifice your style and sustainability, and have everything be trend based. 

Instead of using our level of influence to increase normalization of fast fashion, we should be focusing on dressing hi-low, learning how to shop sustainably, etc. Instagram is killing fashion, but it doesn't have to!


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