How I'm Combating The Quarter Life Crisis

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

My twenty fifth birthday is in exactly two months and sixteen days, and the quarter life crisis has been slowly building up for months. You could say I’ve been in the midst of one since I entered my twenties, but it’s escalated to a full blown freak out. 

I’m five years away from thirty! How will my life be different? I’ve done a lot but there’s so much I still want to do! What if I die tomorrow? WILL I EVER GET MARRIED?? 

See how easy it is to spiral? Here's what I've been doing to fix that: 

Remembering That Life Isn’t On A Timeline
This is something I have to remind myself of pretty much on a daily basis. Society puts so much pressure on us to have things done by a certain time, but life isn't like that at all. When you make plans, God laughs, and that's the biggest thing I've learned. It's okay to not be where you thought you'd be by now. 

Surrounding Myself With Good People
Your friends are the family you choose, and you become like the people you surround yourself with. So make sure you choose good people! The ones who will lift you up & call you out when you're being an idiot. Those are your people, so make sure you keep them. 

Doing Things That Scare Me
Okay so I'm still in the beginning stages of Operation #KaeDoesLife, but I'm trying to live in a way where I try & make time for things I've been saying 'I don't have time for' but I'm really just scared to do. (i.e. networking, going out more, etc) 

I think part of my crisis has been feeling like I haven't done so many of the things I want to, and like I'm running out of time. (realistically I know I'm not but it still feels that way sometimes) So I'm changing it!



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