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Monday, March 18, 2019

It's been a minute since I've done a What Kae Wore! My cousin & her family came into town for spring break & I'm still awful at taking photos when it comes to outings. 

I always say I'm going to take more & then I don't! But I did get some snaps of a few looks from the week, starting with Monday's tee & wide leg pant look. It's a tradition that we go to the mall when they're in town (they live in the hill country where the mall is less than stellar) and we walk around and get our starbucks and it's SO FUN.

This was one of those casual but stylish days (should that be every casual day? YES) so I opted for a wide leg pant look. 

On Wednesday we went to Babe's (if you don't live in Texas PLEASE visit if only for Babe's chicken house. It will change your LIFE) I'm a believer in looking your best for dinner, so I went with my velvet dress from f21 last year, and a new blazer from shein, belted. 

And then lastly is a staple weekend look: tee shirt dress and slip on sneakers. (I have a post coming soon on styling those babes, but in the meantime this can help!) 

Throwing a kimono on top of a casual dress is the easiest way to dress it up a bit.


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