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Friday, March 29, 2019

The older I get, the more I realize hair isn't just hair.It's part of the whole package, linked to our personal style, and in turn, who we are. When you put on an outfit that makes you feel the most YOU, you want your hair to match. It's a thing. 

As much as I love a sleek, straight look, I feel like most like ~Kaeleen~ when my hair is curled/ wavy. Coincidentally, my hair is naturally wavy, but I always wear heat waves. Years of heat manipulation has caused my waves to be this weird texture of wavy when wet, straight when dry, even if I scrunch/ use product, so I just gave up a long time ago. 

But I fell upon one of Joslyn Davis' youtube videos last month on starting a curly hair journey using the curly girl method, and I was intrigued. Could I train my hair to be wavier?

After gathering the arsenal, (aka Kristin Ess' line of products) I was ready. After researching the CG method, (it's a WHOLE COMMUNITY, y'all) I realized I was probably a little in over my head & should maybe start in baby steps. So I stopped using heat to style, and started air drying every time. 

There's this thing called 'plopping' where you gather your hair up upside down- usually in an old t-shirt, (NEVER in a regular terry cloth towel, apparently) & let the product soak in and the hair dry.

After about a week I've noticed each time I do it gets a little better, more wave coming through and less of it going straight after awhile. IS THERE SOMETHING TO THIS? 

I had pretty much given up on my waves, and there have been plenty of times this week, especially the first couple of days, that I wanted to quit & take the flat iron to it STAT. But I've stuck with it and lo & behold, things seem to be getting smoother. 

We'll see about next week...


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