The Athleisure Epidemic: Is it Acceptable In Every Day Life?

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Athleisure Epidemic
I saw a tweet the other day that really ground my gears, probably more than it should have but what can I say? I'm fired up about style. 

So, I won't call the person out but the tweet basically said that they're glad athleisure is a thing so it's socially acceptable to wear sweatpants all the time. 

It may be socially acceptable, but that doesn't mean you should do it! The origins of athleisure can actually be traced back to lululemon, with their trendy yoga pants becoming a cult hit that you could take from the gym and into your workday. 

That is, at its core, the definition of athleisure- clothes that can be worn from one outing to the next. Instead of having to put a whole new outfit in your gym bag for your post-workout, you can just shower & go on about your day- no quick change required.

Is Athleisure Acceptable In Every Day Life?

Here's my issue with that- as with many trends, retailers take it & run with it, and before you know it it's on every website and in every ad. I can't walk into pretty much any big store without seeing an entire section dedicated to athleisure. Should we have cute clothes to work out in? Of course. But once you're finished working out, THEY SHOULD COME OFF! 

At least put on a pair of jeans for goodness sake! Or if you're going to wear leggings, pair them with a tunic or blouse that covers the goods. PLEASE. 

We've become so obsessed with the athleisure look that we've lost all sense of dignity when it comes to style. Whether you want to look like you've been to the gym but actually just got pedicures & mimosas, (which of course, is always a good idea in my book) want to keep up with the trends, or just can't be bothered to put on anything else, it's almost become a status symbol, & it's a problem. 

We need to really take a look and examine our style and what we want it to be. Athleisure shouldn't be a style type, it should be what you wear to the gym and maybe lounging around the house. That's it.

We've become too complacent in the 'I want to be comfortable narrative.' You can be comfortable AND stylish! It's all about finding the right fabrics (that aren't spandex) and pieces that work for you.

So please, PLEASE consider the fact that sweatpants & yoga pants aren't meant to be socially acceptable to wear all the time. 


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