How We Should Be Caring For Our Clothes (+ At Home Tools You Need)

Friday, March 22, 2019

How We Should Be Caring For Our Clothes

I'll admit that up until a few months ago, I hadn't been caring for my clothes like I should have been. Sure, I washed them and did the occasional pill shave, but other than that there wasn't much done. 

I soon learned the error of my ways when I finally made myself practice what I preach and understand that wearing the clothes is only half of it. You can't wear your clothes if they fall apart! So how exactly are we supposed to be caring for our clothes? 

I know that there are some sources (apparently this is a gossip mag today) that say there are different ways to care for certain items, and while it's true that we need to pay extra attention to certain fabrics, (e.g. knits) in general a lot of the same steps apply. 

Pill Shaving
For instance, fabrics that pill easily- such as wool, cotton, & polyester, to name a few- will need routine maintenance with a pill shaver, but all fabrics could use shaving now and then to keep up with wear. 

Just be sure to not press TOO hard or it will cut a hole in it! I have a hand me down from my mom (that still works good as new) but I've linked some good ones!

Lint Rolling
Something you should always have on hand, especially if you have a pet (hello white hair on black clothes) is a lint roller. Get one for your room. One for your car. One for your desk. Basically get one for EVERYWHERE! 

Although I joke that dog hair is a permanent accessory of mine, it's not the cutest look when you're practically covered in it, and it doesn't look professional either. Make sure you're efficiently rolled at all times!

Switching from an iron to a steamer has been GAME CHANGING for me & I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. Not only is it beneficial in keeping pieces fresh in between washes, it's a much more efficient way to get the wrinkles out. 

More natural fabrics are the ones that will be easiest, and certain synthetic ones can melt if you're not careful, but overall steaming is one of the best methods of caring your clothes.

How about you? Are you still like past me when it comes to clothes care? If so, use this as a guide because care is SO IMPORTANT! 


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