How To Style A Longline Blazer

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How To Wear Longline Blazer

Longline blazers are a flattering silhouette, but how are they worn? 

Can people under five foot pull them off? (I'm in this boat, if ya didn't know) 

In short, the answer is YES, it is possible to pull off. Longline blazers have the look of a jacket or cardigan, and on a shorter body they ~can~ tend to be the least bit overwhelming, which is where belts come into play. 

Belting a blazer is a chic way to accessorize, but also a necessary way to add balance & length. Pairing with a pencil skirt adds accentuation, as well as a straight pant.

How To Style A Longline Blazer
Blazer And Skirt Outfit

You want to stay away from a wide leg pant with these guys, because it's gonna look unbalanced, but on the other hand, a midi or maxi dress will flow. 

With a longline, it's all about dressing the rest of you so that the blazer doesn't look like you're about to write a prescription, but instead like you mean business, which you DO. 


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