A Letter To You On Women's Day

Friday, March 8, 2019

A Letter To You On Women's Day

I contemplated what my annual women's post topic should cover this year. In fact, I nearly did a post on the lessons we've learned from women, then changed my mind at the last second. 

Maybe I'll save that for another time, or next women's day. But this year I wanted to write a little note to you, a love letter of sorts.

As I near my twenty fifth year, I find myself more & more constantly in awe of the sisterhood that we as women have the power to create. No, unfortunately the ~mean girls~ culture has yet to subside completely, and I still see it especially on social media.

But for the most part, in the women I follow online and those I choose to have in my life, all I see is encouragement, and the kind of sisterhood I once only dreamed about experiencing.

I see this fight in us that moves me and makes me teary eyed with pride when I scroll through social media and read the news. It's easy to get discouraged and angry with everything going on in the world, but instead of sitting with it we need to do something about it, and I see it more and more, and I’m so proud.

A Letter To You On Women's Day
SheIn Floral Dress

I’m so proud of the women we are. The way we fight for our voice, the way we don’t take no for an answer, the way we’re learning to love our bodies & reject society’s idea of perfect. The way we laugh and the way we cry and the way we never leave one another, because we realize that sometimes we are all we have.

So, this is your official inspiration to keep going, keep fighting, keep making your voice heard and keep creating sisterhoods.

Happy women’s day.



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