The Products I Use For Closet Organization

Friday, February 15, 2019

The Products I Use For Closet Organization

Recently on stories I shared the process of cleaning out + organizing my closet, something that was severely needed. I knew I needed to take my own advice in the organizational front and get serious about things. 

So I researched & bought and survey says: 

you need these products:

Bracelet Display
This one isn’t actually in my closet, (I keep it on my desk for ~decor~, but I bought a bracelet holder to keep all my bracelets organized. They had been just kind of haphazardly thrown around in a jewelry box before hand, and I never wore them because I forgot about them! This is perfect for keeping your bracelets tangle free & nicely displayed. 

Uniform Hangers
This has honestly been a game changer and I now preach this to everyone: YOU NEED UNIFORM HANGERS for everything in your wardrobe! My personal pick is velvet, but this time I got them just for pants/ pieces that easily slip, and for the rest I got plastic. The way you hang your clothes is part of taking care of them, and it’s important to have good hangers for everything. 

Storage Baskets
I use storage baskets mainly for my shoes (my closet is too small for a full on rack but I don’t want them on the floor) but you can use them for pretty much anything you need them for, & in the end can make more room in your closet. 

Belt Holder
I love this one so much I made an entire post on it. Rolling up your belts and displaying them in a cute way makes getting ready easier & more fun. YOU NEED THIS. 

These are the exact products I use for the best closet organization possible. I have big closet dreams, but for now we have to work with what we got. Even if you have the tiniest closet, it can still be organized, because getting ready shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun! 



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