The Easiest Way To Store Your Belts

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Something a little different for today- a little tip on how to store your belts. (along with a VIDEO? who is she) 

We spend so much time making sure our clothes & shoes are properly displayed in our closet, but what about the accessories?

For the longest time my belts were just splayed haphazardly in a bun with no real organization, & I was tired of it. 

So, inspired from an idea I found on Pinterest, I bought a simple paper towel holder from target (for 9.99 & it’s GOLD) to roll your belts and plop them onto.

The best way to roll is to take the buckle end (& lay on a flat surface if it gives you more leverage) and roll in until the very end is sticking out. If possible, I'll stick that end through the buckle so that's not poking out on the stand. (as evidenced in photo....) 

I love the idea of displaying your accessories & jewelry in a pretty way, where you can see everything you need to, making reaching for something a breeze. 

Merchandising your wardrobe is key! 

Watch the video:


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