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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

T-Shirt Dress With Cardigan

Let me set the scene. Something's made you emotional, you feel a bit out of control, and need something to help you STAT.

Somehow, you end up at the mall or the closest store and two hours later your bank account is crying and so are you. 'Why does this keep happening?' You wonder underneath the pile of stuff. 

Style Psychology On Emotional Shopping
Believe it or not, emotional shopping is a real thing. We cope with our emotions in a myriad of different ways; for some people it's reaching for a comfort food, and for some it's reaching for the credit card. 

We've all been there. I used to joke that shopping was my therapy, but there was some truth in it. I love to shop and find new things, so naturally I tend to turn to it when things in life aren't super pretty. 

The thing about shopping is that swiping the credit card actually releases dopamine into the brain- the same chemical that's responsible for your reward & pleasure center. 

Who knew? Shopping makes you feel rewarded, so you keep doing it. 

But the problem with this is it sets you up for failure. When you shop based off of emotions instead of a calculated plan, you often end up with a bunch of mess that you end up wearing once and then returning, or it just hangs in your closet, never to be thought of again. You can start to lose your sense of personal style because none of your clothes have a purpose. 

Why We Emotional Shop
So, how can you combat ending up with fifty things you didn't really need & actually kinda hate that didn't even make you feel better in the end?

Be conscious.

If you notice yourself making the choices when you're feeling down, redirect yourself. Sure, sometimes you can shop because you want to, but ask yourself if you need more of what you're buying.


Make an actionable plan of items you need for the season or to add to your wardrobe, and don't derail the plan.

Refrain from hopping on amazon or your favorite store's website 'just to browse.' I KNOW. We all do it, so do I. But instead, opt for something that will cause less damage in the end. (I could list pretty much any self care method here, but you get the idea)

Our emotions can make us feel out of control, but you can take the reins back!


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